Tagging Systems

Masco Security Provides the following tagging Equipment :

  • Anti-shoplifting solutions
  • People counter
  • Network Software for better Management


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We have been operating in the anti-shoplifting business for almost two decades. Throughout the years we have acquired a vast experience and developed unequalled expertise.
We have grown alongside technological development in the detection and identification industry and today we are able to offer customised solutions, such as RF installations, for a variety of applications.
Anti-shoplifting systems operating on radio frequency (RF) technology ensure maximum effectiveness with reduced cost per passage, low consumption, wider and more comfortable aisles. The system can be specifically designed and integrated with other surveillance devices to provide attendance data recording and access monitoring. We have also activated a source tagging program whereby security tags or labels are integrated into the merchandise during the manufacturing or packaging process.
Thanks to a highly-qualified technical and sales structure Antitaccheggio Italia has become a world leader in the production of reliable, state-of-the-art anti-shoplifting and security systems.

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