In 2019, a client approached Masco Security Services requesting a complete network and security solution for two adjacent semi-detached villas located in the idyllic town of Bahar ic-Caghaq. Client approached Masco Security Services at an early stage when the premises were still in shell form.

Initial Stage

A site meeting was setup between the client and our specialist, so that the client’s requirements could be discussed and determined, whilst in return, our professional team could advise which systems we could offer to meet such demands and design the systems in line with the best industry standards and practices. This site inspection was followed by a detailed quotation based on this design which was sent to the client including the devices’ specifications and features. A discussion for initial feedback then took place as a follow up on the sent quote. Final approval was received from the client and a contract was drafted and signed.

Systems installed

We were entrusted with the installation and commissioning of the following systems:
1. Intruder Alarm
3. Video Hall Porter
4. Gate Automation
5. Data Infrastructure, active equipment and Wi-Fi setup

What was the installation timeline / process?

Following the approval of the quotation by the client, a site meeting between the client, Masco and the Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) contractor was set up. During the meeting first fix requirements were discussed. A good working relationship with the M&E contractor is an essential part for a quality installation, we offer our support and are available to the M&E contractor for discussions and recommendations throughout the project.

Once the M&E contractor finalised the first fix, our technical staff attended to wire the systems. Labelling of cables and accurate indications of the devices’ location on the plan were done as well since the next stage of the job was to take place months later.

The final stage of a project is called the final fix, this consists of mounting the equipment in place, connecting it, powering it up and configuring it. This stage took place once the client concluded most of the finishes, had furniture affecting the devices’ location, internet connectivity, as well as electrical power all in place. A final appointment was set up on site between our technical staff and the client to commission the systems and explain thoroughly how each system is operated.

How does each system benefit the client?

An INIM Smart intruder alarm system was installed to protect against unwanted intrusion. Our intruder alarm system allows the user to partition the premises according to the client’s lifestyle, this means that certain areas / locations can be activated whilst others may be left deactivated when the client is inside the premises. The system may also be securely remotely controlled through a mobile app anywhere around the world.

Using our Provision-ISR IP CCTV system the client can monitor the premises remotely 24/7 in top-quality 5MP resolution thanks to the high-quality image sensors on all cameras. Through such clarity, client gained peace of mind knowing that nothing will go unnoticed.

For the Video Hall Porter, we commissioned a system using Videx Electronics products, a brand that we have been utilising in our installations & projects for over thirty years. Via this system, the client increased the premises’ level of security by controlling access into the properties whilst having the facility to answer and unlock two different entrances from the same indoor unit.

The Gate Automation was catered for by using BFT Italia products which allow the client to easily control passenger and vehicle access remotely. Through an electromechanical system the client benefits from faster opening and closing cycles as well as smoother and quieter operation.

Via Ubiquti’s products for the Data and Wi-Fi infrastructure the client benefits from the highest level of performance and reliability, securing a fast internet connection throughout the whole property.

Brands used for this project