Intercom solutions offer a critical level of protection and comfort for peace of mind in your everyday life. Our systems come in a variety of set-ups ranging from hands-free and handset solutions to digital and IP systems; available both in audio only as well as with video features providing the opportunity to have them installed by our team of professionals.
We are the sole agent of Videx Electronics, a leading Italian manufacturer of high-quality intercoms, door entry and access control products.

Intruder Alarm

Nothing deters unsolicited entry more than an Intruder Alarm and we have been installing and servicing such systems for more than 30 years. Our quality guaranteed products protect your premises from intrusion attempts, thefts and break-ins with the highest level of security. Using the latest technology, you are now able to manage your intruder alarm system from your smart device anywhere in the world.
Enquire at our shop for specialised assistance to devise the right intrusion protection for your property.

Fire Detection

Fires can break out at any time without warning possibly leading to disastrous situations. Our certified Engineer can assist in producing a design which is both cost-effective as well as in line with all EU safety regulations and standards.
Our expert installation team ensures a hassle-free installation whilst we also back this up by having our skilled maintenance team routinely service such lifesaving equipment to ensure proper functionality.


We offer a vast range of superior CCTV solutions to cover outdoor perimeter areas as well indoor spaces. Monitor your premises at any time through your mobile devices wherever you are worldwide through the simple intuitive software and app.
Our systems can meet the needs of any kind of customer, be it a small residential application as well as a complex industrial installation. Our shop always features the latest technology products available in this field on display for your viewing.

Access Control

Our Access Control products offer the best solution for you to be able to restrict access to sensitive locations. Be in control: supervise entry and exit times at specific areas, make changes at any time via the designated software, integrate with third party applications and issue reports for further analysis.
Our specialists can design and implement an access control system to match your custom needs.


Experience comfort, security and reliability with our range of automation products which span from overhead sectional door motors, sliding and swing gate motors, automated barriers and much more.


We value your security and privacy and as such we offer state-of-the-art safes that live up to the highest security standards.

Our shop is equipped with wall and free-standing safes that come in the form of digital, mechanical or lock and key for use in domestic residences, offices, hotels and large corporate industries.

Fire Fighting

Your safety is our top priority, consequently we believe it is our responsibility to equip you with the tools that could protect you in dangerous situations. Fire-fighting tools such as Fire Extinguishers, Fire blankets and Smoke Detectors are available in our shop for both residential and commercial use.

Emergency Lighting and Signage

Our mission is to facilitate your safety! Our safety signage options can be your guiding light in an emergency. Safety products aren’t just essential for households but should also be installed in work establishments to protect clients, employees, and staff. Emergency signs, lighting and custom-made emergency escape route solutions, ordered upon request, can be also purchased directly from our shop.

Our team of professionals will offer their expertise to ensure all families in residential buildings and every employee in commercial structures are safe as well as compliant with the fire and safety regulations in Malta.


Our retail outlet was first opened in 1986, ever since we have been bringing the latest quality and technology to the safety and security market. One may find a vast range of products that can be bought off the shelf from the significant volume of stock for your convenience. We invite you to visit our outlet and ask our professional team for any assistance you may require. We look forward to meeting you there!